When To Mulch Vegetable Garden

By Charlie Nardozzi, The Editors of the National Gardeningociation . Choosing a mulch and deciding when to use it in your vegetable garden depends on the type of vegetables that you grow and when you plant them..Mulch in vegetable gardens is strictly an individual choice. I find more benefit than detriment with the addition of mulch around my plants to keep in moisture and soil heat, and prevent weeds, since I abhor weeding. Some ill effects do exist and might include harboring insect larvae, promoting fungal and mold growth, introducing weed seeds, and cost and longevity of the mulch. These are all deciding factors on whether to use mulch..Keep mulch at least an inch away from plant stems to avoid rot and fungus problems. Leave at least half your grclippings on the lawn. They are an important source of nutrients. Clippings used as garden mulch should be sun dried for a day or so. Do not use clippings from lawns treated with herbicides or toxic pest controls..Worst Mulch for Vegetable Gardens . Rubber mulch Phasmatisnox at English Wikipedia [GFDL or CC BY .], from Wikimedia Commons. The best example here would be the rubber mulch. This mulch type is very often used for kids playgrounds and landscaping projects, but there are even people that use the rubber mulch in their vegetable gardens..

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Organic mulch is any type of natural material that is layered on the surface of the soil of your garden beds. Mulching your vegetable garden not only helps suppress weeds, it also prevents soil erosion and moderates soil temperature fluctuations..There are dozens of techniques for mulching your vegetable garden. For best results, match the mulch to the crop, weather conditions and soil..

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